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Man vs. Robot: Who Will Win?
When we think of science-fiction, robots come inevitably to our minds. And as the years go by, we are getting used to the
presence of robots - at least as main characters in the latest Hollywood movies :)

The word "robot" was first used in the 1920s, in a theatre production. It is derived from a Czech word that means work. So,
right from the beginning, robots were imagined as mechanisms that are capable of doing some of our work.

Another word that's even older, but has a similar meaning, is "automaton." It was used to describe a machine that looked just
like a human being.  Back in 1896, the very first automaton appeared in a movie, and this has changed our world forever.

Robots have become an important part of our lives these days. The robotics industry has grown fast, and companies strive to
build hard-working, intelligent robots that can replace humans.

As a direct consequence, teenagers must be very thoughtful when choosing a future career. It is wise to stay away from
industries where your job could be taken by a robot in the very near future.

Here is a list with some of the well-paid jobs that will soon be performed with accuracy and determination by others. And not by
people, but by the next generation of robots!

1. Although being an accountant is very useful and still needed today, the work associated with this position is already done, in
some companies, by a computer that runs an online accounting service. This means that the actual presence of an accountant
will soon no longer be needed.

2. If you are interested in getting a hospitality degree, you may want to think again. A big part of the activities performed in
the tourism industry can, and will soon be replaced by technology. There will be robots welcoming us as hotel desk agents, as
well as travel agent robots in the next decade or so. It may sound strange, but it's already happening.

3. Right now, paralegals seem to be an indispensable part of the legal system, being the lawyers' right hands. Nevertheless, it
looks like all their work will soon be done by a computer. Attorneys, law offices, government agencies and various other
corporations will no longer need the help of a human. Legal precedents search, investigative work on all sorts of cases, or
document preparation will be successfully performed by computers.

4. Have you ever thought that the monthly prescription you are getting from your doctor could be filled by a robot? The idea of
an automatic pick up or drop off service is gaining more and more traction, and some companies are already experimenting
with it.

5. As more and more automobile makers produce driverless cars, we should expect to see more of these types of vehicles being
sold. And when most cars will find their best route without needing the help of an experienced driver that sits behind the wheel,
the world will no longer need taxi drivers.

In fact, all jobs that only require a high school degree are at risk now. The daily activities which are performed by a booth
operator will quickly and easily be done by computers/robots. Statistics show the alarming fact that close to 10 million jobs will
be performed by robots in the next 10 years.

People will soon interact with computers to pay bills or order their food. In some restaurants, like Wendy's or MacDonald's, this
has already become a reality. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has recently announced that about 80,000 jobs in the fast food
industry will disappear in the next ten years.

All of this may sound futuristic to some. But think about the horses that were used as means of transportation only 100 years
ago. They have been replaced by automobiles, which have successfully done their job, offering greater speeds, higher reliability
and an improved traveling experience.

It's time to prepare for (and embrace) the future once again.