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Beginner's Guide to Home Networks

Have you ever heard about 802.11ac? What about CAT5 vs CAT5e? Or U.FL to
MMCX cables? This stuff is quite scary, I know.

I was scared by these terms as well. I used to be. But these days I run my home
network like an overlord.

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Man vs. Robot: Who Will Win?

When we think of science-fiction, robots come inevitably to our minds.

And as the years go by, we are getting used to the presence of robots - at least
as main characters in the latest Hollywood movies :)

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Self-Driving Cars: Pros and Cons

I bet that many of us, car drivers, have gone through the unpleasant
experience of bumping (unintentionally, of course) into somebody else's car.

There are many papers to fill and money to pay, not to mention the negative
emotions and sometimes even the verbal aggressions.

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